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  1. Relationship between the Web Architecture and other computational areas

    1.1. Software Engineering and Web Information Systems
    1.2. Frameworks and software architectures for Web-based systems
    1.3. Web-based Artificial Intelligence
    1.4. Intelligent Agents
    1.5. Knowledge Acquisition and Representation
    1.6. Information Retrieval and Filtering
    1.7. Data and Text Mining
    1.8. Automatic Control Web-based systems
    1.9. Metrics Quality Assurance
    1.10. Human Computer Interface and Modern User Interfaces
    1.11. Usability
    1.12. Authentication and/or repudiation Systems
    1.13. Web Security
  2. Web-based Systems

    2.1. (Semantic) Web Services
    2.2. Automatic discovery of Web services
    2.3. Choreography of Web services technologies
    2.4. Proof and Trust on the Semantic Web
    2.5. Merging/Aligning/Combining Ontologies
    2.6. Semantic Web applications
    2.7. Semantic interoperability
    2.8. XML
    2.9. Domain mark-up languages (XBRL, HR7, etc.)
    2.10. Relational Databases/XML bridges
    2.11. Native XML Databases
    2.12. Vertical-Domain Applications (ITS, Healthcare, Law,etc.)
    2.13. Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI)
  3. Distributed Systems

    3.1. Grid Computing
    3.2. Peer-to-peer computing
    3.3 Cloud computing
    3.4 Cooperative computing
    3.5 Service computing
    3.6 Green computing
    3.7 Multi-agent systems

    Techniques, methods and tools for cooperative design
    Cooperation in virtual enterprises and e-businesses
    Resource virtualization for grid and cloud Computing
    Data Management for grid and cloud Computing
    Security and trust issues in grid and cloud computing
    Middleware Systems for Grids and Cluster
    Semantic basis for grid and cloud computing
    Software tools for Cluster and Grids
    Grid-based Problem Solving Environments
    Computational and Information Grid Architectures and Systems
    Scientific, Engineering, and Commercial Grid Applications
    Programming Models, Tools, and Environments
    Performance Evaluation and Modeling
    Portal Computing / Science Portals
    Distributed Artificial Intelligence
    Multi-agent systems in information integration
  4. Mobile Computing and Applications

    4.1. Internet access and applications
    4.2. Mobile Multimedia
    4.3. Multi-modal architectures and applications
    4.4. M-Commerce, M-Learning and M-Entertainment
    4.5. Location Bases Services
    4.6. Data mining concepts for location based services
    4.7. Security and privacy in location based services
    4.8. GPS applications
    4.9. MMS frameworks and architectures
    4.10. In-car and GIS based systems
    4.11. Video-conferencing and Tele-presence
    4.12. Context aware applications
    4.13. Adaptative filters for navigation and tracking
    4.14. Security and Quality of Mobile Internet Applications
  5. Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Networks

    5.1. Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Internet
    5.2. Performance evaluation of wireless networks
    5.3. Wireless systems simulation
    5.4. IPv6
    5.5. Design methodologies for wireless systems
    5.6. Quality of Service (QoS)
    5.7. Security in sensor networks
    5.8. Mobility management in next generation networks
  6. Web Technologies and Society

    6.1. Intellectual Rights
    6.2. Web accessibility
    6.3. Web Information systems for Disabled
    6.4. Web internationalisation
    6.5. Web information systems for citizens
    6.6. E-Government, E-learning, E-Business
    6.7. Electronic Bank
    6.8. Biometrics techniques and privacity
    6.9. Internet strategies based on the Internet
    6.10. Videoconferencing and Tele-presence
    6.11. Preservation of Digital Culture
    6.12. Medical Informatics
    6.13. Business Intelligence Applications

Preferably discussed areas of EATIS 2012

  1. e - transport - specifically "Intelligent Transport Systems"
  2. e - energy production and distribution
  3. e - health care
  4. e - government
  5. e - learning

For detailed information about "Intelligent Transport Systems area" click here.


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EATIS 2012 - Euro American Conference on Telematics and Information Systems