Specific role of telecommunications in Intelligent Transport Systems

Dr. Tomas Zelinka

Tomas Zelinka


Intelligent Transport Systems solutions typically require selectable level of telecommunications services quality with usually widely spread area coverage. ITS Telecommunications service parameters were re-defined as performance indicators which are tightly linked with the ITS service performance quantification. Wireless data services with reasonable coverage are offered by public wireless mobile services providers, however, mostly no relevant service performance indicators are guaranteed. ITS requirements can be, however, cost-effectively resolved in case the different public and private services are effectively combined. Such solution requires implementation of the flexible system architecture supported by the efficient decision processes. Additionally “Car to Infrastructure” and “Car to Car” communication interconnected with the vehicle on board data network based on the CAN (Controlled Area Network) bus significantly increase potential of the intruders attacks so that  the integration of the relevant telecommunications security treatment has been understood as one of critical topics of the ITS telecommunications solution, as well.

Brief Biography

Professor of Informatics at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, PhD in Experimental Physics at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Master degree in Cybernetics and Computer Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague,


2005 -         Czech Technical University in Prague

Lectures - basic and advanced lectures in area of communications sciences, specific telecommunication solutions for the  Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), telecommunications services management etc.,

R&D - theoretical background of the specific telecommunications solutions dedicated for the ITS, Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) acting as well as the national representative in ISI/CEN, ETC systems Value Added Services (VAS), vehicle On Board Units architecture, ITS and its security requirements etc.

1993 – 2005    Communications business

New products R&D, business development for products like VSAT data services or IP based (VoIP) alternative solution for the global voice communications networking designed for countries of the CEEMEA region, working with EuroTel / Nextel / Global One (i.e. Sprint Int., France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom) etc.,

And simultaneously acting as the external teacher and mentor at the Faculty of transport sciences of the CTU in Prague

1976 – 1993    Geophysical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences    

Experimental laboratory and observatory methods in geophysics, studies of the variations and drift of the Earth magnetic field, data communication solutions within international geomagnetic observatory system (INTERMAG),

Computer modeling of magnetic material structures with on-line laboratory identification, laboratory study of the magnetic properties of rocks,

1972 – 1976    Industrial R&D    

Automatic control systems for the technological processes – CNC (Computer Numerical Control),

Data communications and computer based control in the heavy technological processes,

Published above 120 scientific papers, monographs, books and University textbooks in physics, informatics, ITS, transport telematics and telecommunications.


Imagining the Future: Technology Innovation in the Internet Age

Eng. Robert H'obbes' Zakon



The Internet has enabled an unprecedented evolution in telematics and information systems, and in turn a global revolution in the use of technology and digital citizenry.  Although many see the technologies that have driven this revolution as inventions of the past 1 to 2 decades, quite a few had their genesis before the Internet became mainstream. In exploring the history of the Internet, we see how it has facilitated innovations across all areas of technology and social life, and with a little imagination are perhaps able to get a glimpse of what is to come.


Brief Biography

Robert H'obbes' Zakon is a renaissance technologist who enjoys being an entrepreneur, developer, instructor, strategist, integrator, mentor, and Internet evangelist.  He currently serves as co-founder and CTO of a technology consulting and development firm, where he innovates custom Internet-based technology solutions and advises corporations, non-profits and governments on technology, information, and security architectures and infrastructures.  Robert is a former Principal Engineer with the MITRE Corporation (a US-based think-tank), CTO of an Internet consumer portal and application service provider, and Director of a university research lab.  He began authoring Hobbes' Internet Timeline in the early 1990s, and has been cited in thousands of books, magazines, television shows, and other media.  Robert is also a Senior Member of the IEEE, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Computer Engineering and Science with concentrations in Philosophy and Psychology. His interests are diverse and can be explored at where his vitae is available.

Trends in traffic management for an integrated and sustainable transportation system of tomorrow

Dr. Reinhard Pfliegl



There are a lot  of communalities between America and Europe on  how the problems of the transportation system up to 2050 should be tackled. Both sides have developed strategies and Action Plans to address these issues. Technologies and Systems emerged in the last 20 years are becoming mature to significantly contribute to a safe, integrated and sustainable transportation system in these areas. The presentation will address the major trends in telematics applications with a specific view to organize a seamless, safe and comfortable mobility for passenger and goods in the future.

Brief Biography


1975 - 1977     University of Vienna (Postgraduate Studies – Secondary Education for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) – degree of Mag. rer. nat.

1974 - 1980       Technical University Vienna, Institute of Experimental Physics (Postgraduate Studies) – degree of Dr. techn. (1978)

1964 - 1972       Technical University Vienna (Physical Engineering) – degree of Dipl. Ing.


2011 to now               Chair ITS World Congress October 2012 in Vienna

                                      General responsibility for Congress Program,

                                      Demonstration Program

                                      International Relations                                


2005 to 2010                 Managing Director AustriaTech, Ltd.

Development and implementation of numerous projects in transport, logistics and information technologies (e-logistics).

·         Development and Co-Founder of SMART RIVER Coalition USA-Europe

·         Co-Organiser of SMART RIVER Conferences 2005 (Pittsburg), 2006 (Brussels), 2007 (Luisville), 2009 Vienna)

·         Development of the Austrian Masterplan for Telematics Application in Transport

·         Member of AWB 20-Committee for Inland Waterway/Transport Research Board USA

·         Board of Governors for EEE-ITS-Society

·         2005 to 2009– Project Manager of FP6-2004-IST-4 integrated project COOPERS (co-operative networks for road safety)

·         2005 to 2008 – International Project Management of the Euroregional Project CONNECT (Co-ordination and stimulation of innovative ITS activities in Central and Eastern European countries)

·         2005 -2006 Development of EASYWAY

2002 to 2010                 Secretary of INA/PIANC (International Navigation Association) section Austria.

2001 to 2008                 Chairman of Scientific Council of ARSENAL RESEARCH, Vienna.

2001 to present             Member of OVN Scientific Council (Austrian Association for Navigation).

2000 to 2004                 Head of Technology Department, Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH – via donau (formerly: Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. für Telematik und Donauschifffahrt – via donau), Vienna:

Development and implementation of numerous projects in transport, logistics and information technologies (e-logistics).

·         2001 to 2004 – Project Manager ALSO DANUBE (within European Framework Program 5 for Research, Technological Development & Demonstration).

·         2001 to 2004 - Project Manager GALILEO (Survey of engineering and transport services for inland navigation).

·         2000 to 2005 - development and management of  DoRIS (Danube River Information Services) – the European Standard.

1999 to present             Member of Committee for Engineering Standards 220
(Telematics) of Austrian Institute for Standards.

1995 to present             Evaluator in several European technological programs
(Transport, Telematics, Extended Enterprises, etc.).

1995 to present             Contract Partner and Project Manager in numerous European projects within Framework Programs 4 and 5 for Research,
Technological Development & Demonstration (Transport, Telematics) and ICS (Transport & Logistics).

1980 – 2000                  Employment with ALCATEL AUSTRIA (till 1987 ITT AUSTRIA)

Development of Telecommunication systems for voice and data, high speed data networks, mobile communications networks, development of GPS applications , development of applications for transport, traffic and logistics.

1980 to present

University Lecturer, Diploma and Internship Tutor for different Technical and Business Schools and Universities. Telecommunication systems, satellite navigation systems, Telematics applications for transport, Intelligent transport systems (ITS)


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